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Metal roofers in Austin are becoming increasingly popular due to their durability and energy efficiency. A metal roof is an excellent choice for those looking to reduce their energy costs while also protecting their home from the elements. Metal roofs can last up to 50 years with proper maintenance, making them a great long-term investment. In addition to being durable and energy efficient, metal roofs can also be customized with different colors and styles to suit any aesthetic preference. With all these benefits, it’s no wonder why more homeowners in Austin are turning to metal roofers for their roofing needs.

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Residential Metal Roofing Austin

Metal Roofs: A Durable Upgrade

If your budget permits, Alpha Team Rooting & Exteriors recommends metal roofs as a nice upgrade. Unlike asphalt roofs, which deteriorate with only normal weather and the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays, metal roofs do not decompose. They can withstand most things Mother Nature throws at them.

In addition to a long life span (between 40 and 70 years compared to 12 to 20 years for asphalt roofs), metal roofs are highly wind-resistant. This makes them a great choice for relatively flat, windy states like Texas.

Another plus for metal roofs is that they require very little maintenance. Although you should have your roof inspected periodically regardless of its material type, metal roofs definitely require less attention than asphalt shingle roofs., lasting between 40-70 years depending on the specific material. On the other hand, traditional asphalt roofs last about 12-20 years.

In dry climates, metal roofs are also safer than asphalt. They will not spark or ignite during storms or wildfires. Metal roofs are also eco-friendly and energy-efficient. Unlike many roofing materials, metal roofs are 100% recyclable when replacement time rolls around. Because metal roofs reflect the sun’s UV and infrared light rays, they can also significantly reduce electric bills.

Playing the Long Game

Metal roofs are visually attractive and add to the real and perceived value of a home. Although metal roofs are admittedly more expensive than asphalt shingles, the long-term benefits far outweigh the short-term costs. Lasting approximately twice as long as asphalt, the durability and reflective qualities of metal roofs make them the compelling choice for many high-end home purchasers.

Ironically, many individuals do not purchase metal roofs because they fall victim to the false beliefs that metal roofs dent and attract lightning. High-quality metal roofs are generally warranted for Class 4 impact resistance during heavy rain and hailstorms. Moreover, they are designed to resist wind gusts up to 120 miles per hour. Also contrary to popular opinion, metal roofs are not more likely to be struck by lightning and catch fire. In fact, metal roofs act as a barrier against lighting strikes by spreading electricity evenly across the roof.

Two other false beliefs are that metal roofs are noisy and that they make the home’s interior temperature hot. In truth, metal roofing material is no louder than asphalt or tile roof. Installed over a solid substrate, metal roofing material, when combined with a home’s attic and insulation, create enough of a sound barrier to reduce weather-related noise. When it comes to heat, metal roofs reflect rather than absorb the sun’s energy, resulting in a much cooler home.

Frequently asked questions

What are the signs my roof has problems?

Perhaps the most common question we get (and any roofing company for that matter), is the question about knowing when a home’s roof has issues. 

I have a roof leak, what do I do?

Perhaps you do your springtime maintenance and notice a few missing shingles or one morning you wake up and the bathroom ceiling has a leak stain. 

In the case of a roofing leak, you have options. Sometimes people ask if they need a new roof because of a leak, and the answer is always it depends. 

Factors such as the age of your current roof, the current warranty (if there is one), and the scop of your roof leak will ultimately determine the next steps. In either case, the first step is to always get the issue inspected by a roofing company… an honest roofing company. 

How much does a new roof cost?

In the event that it makes sense to move forward with a brand new roof, you have a few options, but the most common question we get is, “How much will a new roof cost?”

The answer varies depending on a few factors. One, the size of your roof will ultimately determine how much a new roof costs first and foremost. Roofs are measured by what is called “A Square” and this means 100 square feet.

Do new roofs have warranties?

Whether you just got a new roof or perhaps you have a roof that is a few years old and you are still covered by a warranty, most roofs do have warranties. 

Similar to roofing prices, roofing warranties vary depending on the company that roofs your home and the type of shingles you select. 

For example, the Landmark Pro Archinetcutral shingles (the best) come with a 15-year 110 mph wind-resistance warranty in addition to a 50-year limited transferable warranty against manufacturing defects. 

What are the different types of asphalt shingles?

The most common roofing material is asphalt shingles, which happens to also be the most durable and affordable. But not all asphalt shingles are created equally. 

Asphalt shingle technology has increased tenfold over the years and shingles from 2005 pale in comparison to asphalt shingles in 2021. That being said the most common type of asphalt shingles are your common “Three Tab Shingles.” 

How long will it take to replace my roof?

A good company can replace a single-family home’s roof in one day. This includes removing the old roof shingles and underlayment, followed by replacing both with new underlayment and shingles, followed by a thorough clean up! 

roofing contractor before hiring?

Perhaps the best question we get, and the one you should ask the most before ever selecting a roofing company to install your new roof, is the right hiring questions! 

Making informed purchasing decisions is vital, especially when it’s an item like your roof, which we recognize is not a small investment. Anything costing a few thousand dollars is a large investment for most households. 

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