The Roof Replacement Process

If your Alpha Team inspection determines that you need a new roof, we will guide you through every step of the process.  In fact, as soon as you contact your insurance company, we will advocate for you to ensure that your home and its valuables continue to receive the protection they deserve.

Step 1: Call Your Insurance Company – When you call your insurance company, an adjuster will be assigned. Let Alpha Team know when your adjuster appointment is scheduled, and we will meet you there. When an area is hit by major storms, adjusters are often in a hurry to process claims. Having Alpha Team there will ensure that all damage is surveyed. This saves everyone involved time now, and money later.

When your adjuster determines the value of your claim, he will issue you a check for the damages, minus your deductible and recoverable depreciation. This is what insurance companies refer to as Actual Cash Value, or ACV.  After completion of the project, you will receive another check for recoverable depreciation.

Of course, it is everything that transpires in between that causes headaches. Your insurance company will provide you with a packet containing their estimation of your scope of work. However, if you are unfamiliar with roofing and insurance terminology, it can be confusing to determine where and how you should allocate the funds. Your Alpha Team representative will help you navigate the process and get the most for your money.

Step 2: Schedule the Roof Replacement. When your insurance company provides you with completed paperwork, your Alpha Team Roofing & Exteriors representative will provide you with shingle and color options. Once you select your favorite shingle sample, we can typically replace your roof within the same week. Obviously, weather conditions play a key role. But rest assured, the removal and installation process can typically be completed in a day. (Extremely large square footage or extremely steep roofs can sometimes require a bit more time.)

Step 3: Enjoy Your New Roof! Alpha Team Roofing & Exteriors will submit all required documentation and invoice your insurance company. Once satisfied that your roof has been replaced, they will issue a check for your recoverable depreciation.


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